Debrett Fires and Fireplace Showroom is a family-run business that has been operating for 35 years, specializing in a range of fireplaces and stoves. We are HETAS and Gas Safe registered. Here are some key points about our business:

History and Legacy

  • Family-Run: For 35 years, Debrett Fires has been a family-operated enterprise, offering personalized service and a commitment to quality that often characterizes long-standing family businesses.
  • Experience: With over three decades of experience, they have built a reputation for reliability, expertise, and customer satisfaction in the fireplace industry.

Products Offered

  • Fireplaces: A diverse selection of fireplaces, including:
    • Traditional Fireplaces: Classic designs that add timeless elegance to any home.
    • Contemporary Fireplaces: Modern styles that suit current home decor trends.
    • Gas Fireplaces: Efficient and convenient options that provide consistent heat.
    • Electric Fireplaces: Easy to install and maintain, with various aesthetic options.
  • Stoves: Various types of stoves, such as:
    • Wood-Burning Stoves: Traditional stoves that offer a rustic charm and efficient heating.
    • Multi-Fuel Stoves: Versatile stoves that can burn different types of fuel.
    • Gas Stoves: Convenient and easy-to-use stoves for effective heating.
    • Electric Stoves: Simple to operate with modern designs.


  • Professional Installation: Ensuring that fireplaces and stoves are installed safely and correctly.
  • Consultation and Customization: Offering expert advice to help customers choose the best products for their homes and providing customized solutions to meet specific needs.
  • Maintenance and Servicing: Providing ongoing support to keep fireplaces and stoves in optimal condition.

Showroom Experience

  • Showroom Display: A well-organized showroom where customers can see a variety of products in realistic settings.
  • Live Demonstrations: Demonstrations to showcase the functionality and aesthetics of different fireplaces and stoves.
  • Personalized Assistance: Knowledgeable staff available to guide customers through the selection process.

Community and Customer Focus

  • Local Business: As a family-run business, Debrett Fires has strong ties to the local community, emphasizing customer satisfaction and personalized service.
  • Reputation: With 35 years in business, we have developed a loyal customer base and a strong reputation for quality and service. We have many 5* Google reviews from our satisfied customers.



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