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Elgin & Hall Gas Fireplaces

Thanks to innovative design, Elgin & Hall have engineered a way to fit their new highly desirable gas fires into the standard 16 x 22″ opening in a UK chimney breast or pre-cast flue, with no need for any building work.

And we’ve created magnificent micro marble fireplaces to fit.

Whichever you prefer, the installation is all the more simple because all the fireplaces are made as a complete single unit. It has taken years of research to develop and perfect this innovative technology which puts Elgin & Hall a step ahead of the market.


Please note colour options will vary for each surround.

The fires feature an easy slide ignition and operation.

Flue types

Standard Flue

A traditional chimney can be identified by the brick stack and pot on your roof and a chimney breast in your room. Your installer will be able to simply place these fireplaces into the existing opening and your chimney does the rest. No building work required!

Pre-Fabricated Flue

Identifiable by a metal flue and terminal on the roof, this flue system is suitable for all our gas fires. Piping from your flue right down to the fire transports the gasses from the fire and out of the house. Again this flue is suitable for installation with any of Elgin & Hall gas fires.

Pre-cast Flue

Many homes built from 1960 onward have a pre-cast flue, much narrower than a traditional chimney and is usually identified by a ridge vent or metal flue pipe on the roof. Ordinarily only slimline fires would fit this flue, however Elgin & Hall have a large selection of gas fireplaces to choose from with no structural work needed/